MOOCs for GLAM folk

I am a big fan of MOOCs, I think being able to learn about things I’m interested in at my own pace, often for free, is pretty amazing.  

Recently, I have completed several MOOCs on a variety of topics including serious gamingreputation management in a digital world and concepts in game development.  I am currently enrolled in a MOOC about gamification and another on writing for the web.

While searching for more MOOCs to work on through the university break, I came across a couple of GLAM related ones that I thought I would share here.  Some are active; you can complete assessments and claim certificates to add to your LinkedIn profile or professional website (if you’re happy to pay for them).  Some are archived; you can still access all the course content at your own pace, but you cannot complete assessment (in most cases) or claim a certificate.

Active MOOCs

Archived MOOCs

If you know of any other GLAM related MOOCs, let me know.  I’d be keen to add them to the to do pile.

Go forth and learn!

[Feature image ‘Learn‘ by Carnagenyc licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0]

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