January #glamblogclub

After my last blog post I received a tweet from the very awesome Hugh Rundle mentioning #glamblogclub.

Before Hugh’s tweet, I’m ashamed to say, I wasn’t aware of Glam Blog Club.  Despite being very jealous that I can’t attend New Cardigan events in person (but grateful for the Cardi Cast podcast!), Glam Blog Club hadn’t blipped my radar – probably because I’m so new at this whole blog thing.

Regardless, I’ve decided to tackle the January prompts (there are two to choose from!): ‘what I learned in 2016’ and ‘what I want to learn in 2017’.  I figured I’d write briefly on both topics.

What I learned in 2016

When 2016 began I was in a very different place.  I was about to start the Bachelor of Justice honours program at QUT hot off the heels of a very enjoyable and successful undergraduate experience.  My original plan had been to find work once I finished my degree – and I did.  I started working as a Probation and Parole officer before I’d finished up my last semester, but soon realised it wasn’t really for me.  Because I had been a massive nerd in my undergraduate studies, I was offered some research assistant work by a couple of my past lecturers.  This was a massive lifeline!  Despite no end of good luck, I wasn’t really convinced honours then PhD in criminology was the right path for me.

I’d been agonising over it at the tail end of 2015 and by the time I was half way through semester one, I knew my gut had been right.  I had always been interested in librarianship, but it seemed a bit like an impossible dream, it was so far off my current trajectory I really never thought I’d end up taking the plunge.  While everything went kind of haywire and my plans fell apart, studying librarianship seemed like a beacon of hope.  I sat in on a few classes before making my final decision and was overwhelmed by how excited I was.  I withdrew from my honours course, much to the confusion of those around me and enrolled in the Master of Information Science (Library and Information Science) at QUT.

I started my Masters in semester two and I haven’t looked back!  It was hard at the start – learning new things can be challenging, but I persevered and ended up having a rewarding semester.  I was also lucky enough to be offered casual work at the QUT Gardens Point and Law libraries.  Working in the library really cemented my plans – I was all in!  I am pleased that I will continue working at both libraries in 2017.  Each shift is a learning experience and I have received incredible support from my co-workers.

If I had to sum up what I learned in 2016 it would probably be ‘you generally know what’s best for you, don’t be afraid to take a chance!’

What I want to learn in 2017

In short, lots!

I’ll be continuing my Masters in 2017, but I also plan to chase down some learning opportunities outside of my course.  I recently wrote a blog post about some MOOCs that library folk might enjoy and I intend to continue working my way through that list in 2017.

I’m also excited to pursue some learning opportunities on topics of interest that have emerged from my studies.  Gaming in libraries, gamification in libraries and using games as education tools was something I hadn’t really considered before I started my studies.  But seeing gaming and libraries, two of my greatest passions collide in such an exciting way really piqued my interest.  I’ll be taking Library Juice Academy’sGaming in Libraries‘ course in March to learn a little more on the topic.

I will be undertaking some of my placement hours this year, too.  I’m hoping to find a placement within archives as it is an aspect of GLAM I’m interested in but haven’t really had much of an opportunity to study through coursework. There are a couple of ALIA workshops available on digital preservation this year which I am hoping to complete.  I am also hopeful I’ll be approved for some cross institutional study so that I can count one of my electives towards CSU’s ‘Digital Preservation‘ unit during the summer semester.

Finally, I am heading to NLS8 in July!  NLS8 will be my first conference and I am incredibly excited to attend!  I hope I’ll meet lots of the cool GLAM people I follow on Twitter and soak up lots of knowledge from the workshops and presentations.

As you can see, there is a lot I want to learn in 2017!

[Feature image: ‘Blog‘ by Christian Schnettelker licensed under CC BY 2.0]

2 thoughts on “January #glamblogclub

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  1. It’s so lovely to see a student blogging! I’m glad you’ve had a wonderful introduction and experience so far in the profession. You’ll love NLS8! My first NLS was NLS5 in Perth back in 2011. I then helped organise NLS6 in 2013. So much buzz! All the best for 2017.


    1. Thanks Alisa!
      I think NSL8 will be an amazing learning opportunity – I honestly can’t wait! I definitely hope to give back by working with the NLS9 team (maybe I’ll even present one day!).


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