Adulting 101: A library program for emerging adults

Recently, North Bend Public Library in Oregon announced that they would be running a program called ‘Adulting 101‘.

‘Adulting 101’ covers a number of useful skills including basic cooking (and how cook in college dorms without a dedicated kitchen), how to create a budget, how to do taxes, how to search and apply for jobs and how to identify fake news.

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Creating your digital toolbox

One thing I’ve quickly discovered is that GLAMR folk benefit from building a robust digital toolbox.


Well, during the course of my studies, I’ve run up against several assignments and tasks that have required a creative solution within a short time frame.  From putting together a digital content curation to creating a persona poster or making an appealing banner for your webpage – having a bunch of easy to use, (preferably!) free and polished digital tools to call on is a must for many a GLAMR student and professional.

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