My favourite library podcasts: Redux

Well, it’s been a while between blogs.

A lot has happened in the last few months – I’ve begun wrapping up my studies ahead of my graduation in December and I’ve found full time work in an academic library!

While I may have fallen off the blogging horse, I have continued to indulge in (mostly during transit from work to university or work and back again) my love of podcasts.  Since my last blog on the subject, I’ve found a few new library podcasts, so I thought I’d share them with you all.

The Authority File

I thought I’d kick things off with a new library podcast that a lot of my peers have been talking about.

The Authority File is a weekly program featuring in-depth conversations about contemporary trends, best practices, and case studies important to academic librarians. Hosted by Bill Mickey, the Editorial Director at Choice, the show spotlights authors, librarians, and other prominent industry leaders.

The first four episodes of The Authority File look at the role of first year experience librarians in two very different international university libraries.  The next set of four episodes look at privacy issues in libraries, including the responsibility of librarians in ensuring patron privacy.  Things are off to a great start with this podcast, I am really enjoying it!


Dewey Decibel

Dewey Decibel is a new podcast series from American Libraries, the magazine of the American Library Association. Each month, your host and American Libraries Associate Editor Phil Morehart will be your guide to conversations with librarians, authors, thinkers, and scholars about topics from the library world and beyond.

This monthly podcast engages with librarians doing all kinds of work in all kinds of libraries.  If you want to know more about the innovative and interesting things people are doing in libraries and enjoy an interview format podcast, this one is worth a listen.


Secret Stacks

SECRET STACKS, your comics in libraries podcast. Hosted by Kristin LaLonde and Thomas Maluck. We discuss anything related to comics in and around libraries.

Secret Stacks is a fun one for me – I love comics!  Blend one part ‘fun discussions about comics and graphic novels’ with one part reader’s advisory and a dash of collection development and you have a recipe for a great podcast.


T is for Training

T is for Training is an informal podcast dedicated but not obsessed with training in libraries. Started in 2008 by baldgeekinmd, this program seeks to deepen the conversation about training, share resources, connect, socially network and to laugh a lot.

T is for Training has an American focus, but talks about a variety of issues librarians might face – from staffing to engaging meaningfully with patrons, there is something for every interest.  It also has a bit of a public library focus, but I think librarians from all specialisations will find something interesting or worth adding to their practice here.


Open Paren

Open paren is a podcast about libraries, librarians, and code.

Whether you’re just setting out to learn to code, or architecting systems in widespread use, I want to have conversations that matter to you. Let’s talk about what you do and why: how code you write makes things better for you and your patrons; your biggest successes and most interesting mistakes; where your projects have been and where they’re going; social issues that feed into, and spring out of, library software.

This is a great podcast if you’re interested in coding or learning to code.  If you’re interested in technology and the intersection of library and coding, this one might be for you.


And last, but certainly not least:

Turbitt & Duck: Purveyors of Cultural Expertise and Library Sass to the Discerning Connoisseur since 1885

Sally Turbitt and Amy Walduck are librarians from Australia determined to highlight some of the best people and stories from library land and beyond. Visit for more info on our guests and things we chat about during each episode!

If you’re an Australian GLAMR student or professional, you’ve probably come across Sally and Amy on Twitter … or at a conference … or running a conference!  Good news, friends!  You can now enjoy Amy and Sally in podcast form!  Turbitt & Duck is a brilliant new podcast full of library discussions, library stories and visits from library folk.  In fact, the very awesome Dr. Matt Finch features in the first episode!  Wowee!  Be sure to subscribe – this podcast is not to be missed!

Also, its worth listening just to find out what the heck is going on here:

Be sure to tell me if I’ve missed your favourite library podcast and let me know what you think of the ones I’ve listed here.

Happy podcasting!

[Feature image: ‘headphones small book relax sound paperback‘ by Photorama licenced under CC0]



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