Postcards from the library – Open Access Week 2018 at QUT Library

Postcards from the library – Short, sweet and to the point blog posts about what I’ve been up to in the library lately.

QUT Library recently celebrated Open Access Week 2018.

This year, my colleagues came up with a novel way of engaging with the university community about OA – a bike tour complete with an trailer painted proudly in ‘OA Orange’ filled to the brim with swag (including hand-pressed badges!), information sheets and other goodies.

Here I am, enjoying my time on tour for OA Week!

Throughout OA Week the bike toured both campuses and had a presence at each faculty.  We had a great time celebrating OA Week with the QUT community.

Check out some of what we got up to:

My colleague Katya even put together a show reel of highlights from the tour!

I’m not sure how we’ll top our bike tour in 2019, but I’m excited to find out!


[Feature image: ‘Postcard old fashioned post communication write‘ by MIH83 licensed under CC0, remixed by me.]

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