#GLAMBlogClub September 2018 – Strange

September marks my triumphant return to GLAM Blog Club!  This month’s theme – ‘strange’ – is particularly interesting for me.  As I’ve settled into full-time, on-going work I’ve had a bit of time to reflect on both my strange journey into librarianship and also the strange turns my career path has taken in the short couple of years I’ve been in the GLAMR industry.

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#1lib1ref: How one information professional can make a big difference

Earlier this year (January 15 – February 3) #1lib1ref was the focus of a great deal of engagement and retweeting from those of us in GLAMR.

#1lib1ref is an initiative where by information professionals of all persuasions commit to updating or adding one reference to a Wikipedia page.  In a post-truth world where reliable information can be hard to find amid a sea of less than reputable sources, #1lib1ref puts power in the hands of information professionals to be positive forces for change in their communities (even really big ones like ‘everyone who uses the internet to access Wikipedia’).

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