Creative Commons Certificate

I am currently undertaking the Creative Commons Certificate for Librarians course.  All of the assessment pieces and learning resources I develop as part of the course will be shared here.

Assessment – Unit 1: What is Creative Commons?

I decided to use Piktochart to create a simple infographic to tell the story of Creative Commons.  I had never used Piktochart before, but my supervisor and I had been talking about learning how to use it and/or Canva for a report we have coming up so I thought I’d use this opportunity to try it out.  I decided to create a very simple infographic, I didn’t want the key message to be distracted from by lots of different colours or images.  In the end, I chose a few simple icons, black text of varying sizes and an orange background.

The assignment itself was a nice introduction to the history of Creative Commons and an enjoyable task.

creativecommons_35448705 (2)

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