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ResBaz Brisbane 2019 – ResBaz Passport Conference Game

I worked with my colleague Katya Henry to create the ResBaz Brisbane 2019 conference game.  This year, we decided to go ‘analogue’ and create a bingo style game to give participants an opportunity to take a little step away from the busyness and mental load of the main conference.

In order to style ourselves in a recognisable way, Katya and I took on a ‘Camp ResBaz’ theme and dressed as ‘Camp ResBaz Scout Leaders’.  This was a fun way to make us visible to the conference attendees.  It also provided an easy way for participants to ‘break the ice’ and engage with us.

Katya and I dressed as Camp RezBaz Scout Leaders at Camp ResBaz

The ResBaz Passport Conference Game was simple in its design – to play participants needed to collect stickers for completing challenges like attending a workshop, colouring in their conference name badge, tweeting about the conference and taking a selfie with another attendee.

ResBaz Passport challenges

When attendees completed three challenges in a row, they could report to ‘Camp ResBaz’, show the Scout Leader their progress and go into the draw to win prizes allocated to the game.

A ResBaz Passport with many completed challenges!

We also provided colouring/crafting stations and board games at ‘Camp ResBaz’ to provide a relaxing space for conference attendees who wanted to take a break from the main conference and enjoy a little quiet downtime.

We had some very dedicated players who worked throughout the three day conference and completed many of the challenges in the passport.


A completed Passport! Original Tweet here


We received very positive feedback from several attendees who mentioned how much they had enjoying working through the challenges in the Passport and the quiet, relaxing space we had created at Camp ResBaz for them to ‘re-charge’ in.


ALIA Qld Mini Conference 2018:

Nicole Clark, and I presented ‘Fun, games and organised shenanigans: How QUT Library is using play at work to encourage communication, collaboration and creativity.’ at the ALIA Qld Mini Conference on November 6, 2018 at The Edge (State Library of Queensland).

You can view our slides here and view our presentation here on Facebook (time stamp ~39:30).

Off the Grid Project 2018:

Nicole and I continued our investigations around play at work throughout the 2018 QUT Library ‘Off the Grid’ program.  The culmination of our work during Off the Grid was this poster which was put up at QUT Library’s annual Refresh Day.  The poster outlined our play at work investigations and had a small game built into it to continue the theme.


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